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About Us

From our farm to your table

"We began our plans for Deliteful Dairy in 2016! We are bringing back the old-school, non-homogenized milk from years ago, which is slow vat pasteurized for minimal flavor distortion. We make rich whole-milk cheeses and amazing butter. All products are made from our milk from our cows that graze this 160 acres of family history. You will also find our own beef, pork, and eggs from right here on our farm. We are truly doing things the ‘new old-fashioned way!’ We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you!"


Our Story

In 1831, Isaac Long purchased a large parcel of land peppered with limestone outcroppings between Williamsport and Downsville, Maryland. Now in it’s 7th generation,  Long Delite Farm continues to be farmed by that same Long family. Since 2009, Brooks and Katie Long have operated the rotational grazing operation and purchased the 157 acre property from Brooks’ grandparents in 2016. 


Long Delite Farm is home to around 60 milk cows including purebred Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns, and Guernseys as well as many cross breeds including many European breeds such as Montbeliarde, Swedish Red, and Fleckvieh. The farm is also home to about 40 replacement heifers from newborns to calving age. 


From April to November, you will find the beautiful herd of cattle rotating around the farm as they graze fresh grass paddocks of orchard grass and clover, the enjoy a treat of non-GMO pellets while in the milking parlor time a day before heading out to a fresh paddock, or grass. The herd is kept full with dry and fermented grass bales of hay throughout the winter months. 


Shortly after purchasing the farm in 2016, Brooks and Katie began plans for their own on-farm processing facility where they could provide the freshest, best tasting, straight from the cow dairy products in the Tri-State area! After years of planning and hard work, the doors of Deliteful Dairy finally opened to the public in June os 2019 alongside their kids, Kaleb and Brielle, and a huge support staff of family and friends. 

A trip to the farm

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